About Together in Play

 Jenifer Scott is a Certified Play Consultant through The Play Project. As a PLAY Project and Teaching Play consultant she trains parents, teachers, and other caregivers to implement methods and techniques with the child through emotionally meaningful play sessions and daily activities. This allows the child to receive approximately 20 hours of intervention per week in a cost-effective way in the natural environment.


Jenifer has been helping young children with autism and other developmental disabilities learn and grow for over 30 years, primarily as an Intervention Specialist.  She holds degrees in Child Development and Elementary Education as well as a Master’s degree in Special Education. Though she has retired from the classroom, Jenifer believes firmly in the transformative power of early intervention and still felt a calling to help children and their families.  This led her to complete  additional coursework and  extensive training through The Play Project to become a Certified Play Consultant.


Jenifer believes that:

All children have unique needs and strengths that require nurturing and development

That a child’s family or caregiver is their best advocate. She believes in empowering and training families and caregivers so that they can become a strong advocate for their child.

Families can provide quality intervention for their child through therapy that is individualized, nurturing and relationship based.

Appropriate intervention can lead to wonderful outcomes