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What do former parents have to say?


Jeni made a HUGE impact on my son Nathan, as his teacher.  He was still limited verbally after his initial intervention program at age 2.  But as he began working with Jeni at age 3, she incorporated so many structured tasks and made his play time in class really fun for him so he could be more vocal with his own needs.  Within the school year, he was already formulating more words and putting more sentences together by the week!  

Jeni is a very caring teacher and loves to get to know the children she teaches.  With Nathan, after a while, if he became scared, she would comfort him and talk to him one-on-one; when he would act out before recess, she would even make it a point to talk to him about making his decisions and how important they are to him and everyone else.  Jeni made sure to give all of her students the social interaction that they needed - with adults, as well as encouraging interaction daily with peers.  My son still talks about the things he learned from Mrs. Scott's class, even a few years later!  And as parents, we are deeply grateful for all of Jeni's hard work with Nathan!"

~Ann L

We are so blessed that our son Elijah had Mrs. Scott as his first year preschool teacher. Going into his first year of school he maybe said 15 words, when his first year was over he was speaking in 5 word sentences. He also had delays in other areas and needed OT and PT. I saw so much growth in him and I was blown away. I honestly didn’t think in one year that he would make this much progress. I know that Mrs. Scott was instrumental in his progress. Mrs. Scott made learning so fun for him. He honestly would ask me to go to school every day.  Mrs. Scott also contacted parents daily. She would contact us to let us know what our kids were doing at school and from there we would know what to work on with them at home. I loved all the communication from her. It has been a year since Mrs. Scott was my son’s teacher and my son is doing so well. His teacher this year said next year she thinks he will be off an IEP. Mrs. Scott really laid the ground work and that is why he is doing so well.

~Katie D

We began working with Jeni when our son was first diagnosed with Autism at age 3. Talking with Jeni and planning for our sons future was extremely comforting. With her knowledge and experience, we knew we were making the right decision in working with her. She embraces these special children like they are one of her own. She has a true passion to help families function and thrive in their environment. The improvements we saw with our son during his time with her were life changing. We are forever thankful for her help and support during a time when we needed it the most. 

~Anita P


My family  had the pleasure of knowing Jeni Scott when my son was in her Early  Intervention class in 2009. She was such a patient and kind teacher, and  she saw the potential in each child she worked with. She had so many  creative ways of helping each individual meet and surpass that  potential. Our son had so many gains while he was there. And, she helped  us so much as a family. She doesn’t just work with the kids, but with  the whole family. 
I would recommend her to anyone!

 Kate B 


Jeni worked with my son for over two years and is a knowledgeable, fun teacher who made a positive impact on his early development. She is amazing with kids and we are so grateful that she was involved in our son's early intervention and progress. She also took the extra time to offer support and encouragement when we needed it. 

~Angela N

I have had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Scott for many years now. For three years, she taught my special needs child (autism). I was lucky enough that my youngest child was placed in her class as a peer model. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children. She is a driven, organized, and engaging teacher who develops inspiring relationships with her students. Her innovative ideas help to draw the strengths of her students. She strives to create a fun, warm, and inviting classroom atmosphere. Her sincerity and support for each individual child has been the main reason for her students’ success and growth. Mrs. Scott’s ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. Her friendly disposition also helps to establish an open communication with the parents. I recommend Jeni Scott to you without reservation. 

~Molly Reynolds

My son Cash was a student in Mrs. Scott’s classroom. The progress Cash made that year was amazing!. As an autistic child she worked at his pace and integrated him nicely to the classroom. His skills in every academic area grew as well as social. She used music, art, and group work to help the children learn colors, counting, alphabet and to just have fun with their peers. We were lucky to have Mrs. Scott to help transition our child to kindergarten. 

~Julia W.

I am a mother of a 5 yr old autistic son and Jeni was his teacher. She is very experienced in working with kids with special needs and has patience and empathy. Jeni was able to be in tune with my son and pick up on his quirks and habits. It is an amazing feeling knowing you’re sending your little one to school and knowing there are getting the best services and never having to question. 

~Chelsea R